Buskers go Contactless

So you’re out shopping or meeting someone for lunch and walk past busker on the corner of a street, and you are blown away by their performance and not only are you compelled to stop and listen, but you want to give them some money to show your admiration. So at the end of their performance you open your wallet and….  embarrassingly you only have a large paper money which feels wrong to ask for change or you have such a low amount of coins that you feel really undercut the value of the performance, or worse still you have no cash at all.

For most of us this would be the point we would creep away in the same way you appeared to listen to the performance. But what if I told you that there’s a chance that busker could take plastic payments? As in the same way you’re about to pay for your shopping or lunch.

But with the down turn in the economy and the advancing in technology people seem to carry less and less cash. I know that if I opened my wallet on a random walk round town I would either find coppers (1p and 2p) or ten and twenty pound notes, it would be very unusual to find pound coins or change of a reasonable size to offer up.

With the growth in contactless and electronic payments people carry less and less and cash on person. This has been recognised by one company who are developing the contactless technology so buskers can use it out on the streets.

Not that long ago I wrote a post about street theatre and how it seems to be have a withered over recent times, now with this new technology buskers could soon have an easier way of collecting money from bystanders. So the whole concept of busking my just be saved from extinction.