Are the arts being systematically destroyed?

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It seems unsurprising that as young people absorb and begin the new chapter of their life after receiving exam results, that we hear of a drop in entries for GCSE Arts this year.

School is the starting place, the birth place of decisions made by young people to with the rest of their life. It has always been said that individuals can only make an informed decision about anything if the all the information is there to look at. Putting the Arts on the side lines in the curriculum forcing schools to invest less money in the subjects is not fair way of ensuring its survival.

The arts are one of a handful of subjects whereby individuals can potentially start their career at school, the subject is almost like the job during education. As they progress through the years of education they learn to perfect their craft and as they graduate they have something that has been part of them for 20 years before they are thrown out into the ‘real world’.

By the same token many who have taken the arts in school have seen as a ways of improving their confidence for their own chosen career which may have nothing to do with the arts at all. No other subject can be used to improve communication skills and ways on handling certain situations.

There is no other subject in school that can give someone life skills that are inter transferable to any job and career. English only teaches you to read and write, maths teaches you the numbers, but neither will teach you confidence or communication skills needed to make a successful career.

In Wales GPs are putting the arts and social gatherings on prescription. With mental health issues coming more and more to the top of the social agenda it is so important that we teach our children how to communicate and express themselves as that is one of the best way to fight mental health.

Communication and confidence to be around people and be in new situations are key to fighting the increasing crime rate, the increase in teenage pregnancies, the increase in bullying, the increase in violence, the increase drug addiction, the increase alcoholism, the increase of those who are workaholics, the increase in self harming, and the increase in teen suicides which are all rooted in mental health.

The arts are about self-expressions, when words cannot be found then maybe draw, write, paint, dance, or compose music. But unless it is encouraged from a young age it may not come easy to some later in life. Having the arts as a hobby is just like having sports or the outdoors, it helps to calm the mind, everyone is different and will be take to different things to help them see things from a different perceptive, that everything is ok and everything is fine.

As one poem on Pinterst says:

Theatre is science,

Theatre is mathematical,

Theatre is a foreign language,

Theatre is history,

Theatre is physical education

Theatre is business,

Theatre is technology

Theatre is economics

Theatre is taught in schools

Not because you are expected to major in theatre

Not because you are expected to perform all through your life

Not so you can relax

Not so you can have fun


So you will recognise beauty

So you will be sensitive

So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world

So you will have more love

More compassion

More good

In short

More life

Of what value will it be to make prosperous living

Unless you know how to live?

That is why theatre is in our schools.

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