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I thought this week I would write about something more positive then my usual posts, something that is encouraging and enlightening young people into the creative part of the industry. We hear a lot about young people wanting to go into singing, dancing and acting and there’s a lot of support for these dreams, but not very often do we hear of projects and programmes to inspire them into a career backstage.

In June 2017 The Society of London Theatres (SOLT) and UK Theatres commissioned a major piece of research called Workforce Review of the Offstage Theatre and Performing Arts Sector. This report explored what the UK backstage looks like and how it will look in the future. (Click here to read the report)

As a result of this report a new ambassador program was created, SOLT and UK Theatres have partnered with the charity Inspiring The Future and it will be officially launched this project on the 11th July 2018 with a series of events for young people across the county to inspire and educate them about careers in backstage theatre.

Since the registration for ambassadors opened in the April 2018there have been over 500 candidates sign up to be an inspiration for young people, these include artistic directors, costume cutters, lighting designers, prop master and even producers. The aim is to give young people a taste of the full spectrum of the diverse jobs available within the industry. The project is also about strengthening and encouraging the links between schools and theatres across the country and close the skill gap by encouraging access to the arts and culture industry.

If you would like to sign up to an ambassador then please click here for more information.

More information about the program and project can be found at the Inspire the future website:

Use hashtag: #inspiringfuturetheatre to see updates on social media.