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The aim of A Ticket 2 Rides Entertainment is to fully support smaller theatrical groups and other organisations to explore events management as an avenue for income. The way we do that is by sharing of our experience in the entertainment business, guiding groups and organisations through the process and where needed source equipment and skills at reasonable prices.

If you would like more information on any of our services please email: info@aticket2ride.co.uk

Also check out our equipment hire site: www.valestaging.co.uk

You can still find us on Facebook, Twitter and now on Instagram


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Between now and 1st June we are playing a game and weíd love you to join in, you donít have to follow our social media join us...

  1. We will post the front of 1 theatre a week

  2. You have to guess the location of the theatre (comments, DM, email, anyway you like)

  3. You post the front a different theatre for others to guess (please turn off your location settings)

  4. Use #thenewgreatestshowonearth and @at2rentertainment in the description

You are playing for absolutely no prizes! Itís about spreading the word! Letís have some fun as that is what the project is about!




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